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Black history has been a progressive climb from without the lowest echelons of society during slavery to the highest.

When you think of black history, we often think of the civil rights movement, of John Brown’s violent protests, of the Underground Railroad. But black history doesn’t end with any one event. It is always in the process of being made every day.

Erase Web History

Erase Web History And Clear Internet Search History Tools

By Sam Roberts

Using a computer is something practically everyone is comfortable with, and very well fledged in. However one thing most computer users are not aware of is the fact that while browsing through the sites of the internet, there is a great possibility of all the visited sites getting recorded in some unforeseen files in the PC. So whatever adult sites and private information that you come across or visit on the internet is recorded in hidden files somewhere in the PC.

Without you knowing about it, websites, movies, documents and anything else that you view and visit is recorded in hidden files in the hard drive. Even unwanted banners, pictures and illicit content can be downloaded in the computer without your knowledge. This proves the necessity of having an internet eraser software program installed in your computer to protect your privacy.

Though you think you may have cleared your history or emptied the cache files of the browser’s setting with the computer, it is not true. It is only with the help of an internet eraser software program that reaches all these hidden files and then deletes them. Files that you wouldn’t want your boss, spouse, children or friends to have access to can be eliminated with the help of an internet cleaner tool.

Besides clearing any hidden files or information found in the PC, another important use of the internet eraser software is that you can save personal information from reaching the eyes of hackers. Information on Credit card numbers and social security numbers that you may have revealed to some known person remains in the PC for some time. It is only with the help of an internet eraser tool that it is possible for you to protect your private and personal information from reaching the wrong hands.

Internet eraser tools also help to protect information like usernames and passwords to online banking and password protected sites. The internet eraser also makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to your bank account and tracking cookies. In fact, it can be said that the installation of an internet eraser and internet cleaner tool is today as important as it is to install an antivirus and spyware protection software in the computer.

It is not difficult to have an internet eraser installed in your PC. There are many sites on the internet offering internet eraser software for you to use. You just have to visit this site, where you will have to download the software from the internet. One installed in the computer, the software starts working and providing you with the protection you seek on the internet.

Most internet eraser software comes with a shredder feature that helps delete all unwanted files from the computer permanently. Once your private images and files are shredded, there is no fear of any unauthorized person or people accessing your private information. Internet eraser knows that the deletion of files is not sufficient to remove files from the computer; this is why it shreds all your private files and information.

About the Author: Sam Roberts is CEO of erase web history and clear internet search history tools

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